Clash Of Clans Magic Items Complete Overview

Magic items make your village better. Each one does something different. They can make things happen faster or help finish upgrades quickly.

These special items first came out in December 2017 when Clan Games started. Since then, more of these magic items have been added.

Magic Items

How Do You Get Magic Items?

There are a few ways to get Magic Books, Potions, & Runes:

  • Get them from the Trader by giving Gems.
  • Get them from the Trader using Raid Medals.
  • Finish all levels in Clan Games.
  • Complete tasks in special events.
  • Buy special offers from the Shop.

Magic Hammers can only be bought from the League Shop using League Medals. You get these special League Medals by taking part in Clan War Leagues and staying active in your clan.

Are There Any Limitations?

The game only lets you keep a certain amount of magic items so that everyone has a fair chance to play. You can only have one of each book, one Rune, up to five potions, and no more than 25 Wall Rings. If you already have the maximum amount of a certain item, you can’t get another one until you use up what you have. If you win a reward but don’t have space for it, you can choose to get Gems instead.

Before, players could have more magic items than the limit, but the game changed in November 2018 to stop that.

If you’ve reached the maximum quota for a Magic Item, you’ll find yourself unable to pick it as a reward from the Clan Game offerings. This could lead to a situation where you’re unable to choose any rewards from a Clan Games tier, thus forfeiting the chance to claim any Clan Games rewards altogether, as all rewards must be claimed simultaneously. To address this issue, you can either utilize the Magic Items or, if you’re unable to do so (for instance, if you possess a Magic Book but have already achieved full upgrades), you have the option to exchange them for gems.

Unable To Claim Your Clan Game Rewards Due To Being At The Limit?

If you already have the most Magic Items you can hold, you can’t pick them as prizes in the Clan Games. This might mean you can’t choose any prizes from a Clan Games level. You have to claim all Clan Games prizes at once. To solve this, you can either use the Magic Items you have or exchange them for gems if you can’t use them (for example, if you have a Magic Book but you’ve already upgraded everything).

Magic books are worth more when you use them than when you sell them. It’s better to save time by using them for building or lab work instead of trading them for gems.

After Clan Games end, you usually have a short time to collect rewards. It’s smart to use any magic items you have before this time so you don’t have to sell them. You can see how much time is left on the rewards screen.


These things give players more ways to plan and play. They help players move faster in the game, make their villages special, and deal with problems better. Each magic item, like the Book of Building or the Hammer of Heroes, gives players different ways to do better and be more creative in the game.

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