Clash of Clans Builder Base

This is another base like your main village. You need to reach Town Hall 4 to unlock your builder base, and this game mood was introduced in May 2017 by game makers. In this mood, players have their town hall and the same to upgrade the town hall to unlock new features. This mood has a lot of fun and is the same as your main village building, walls, and defending troops.

When players reach the builder base town hall level 6, they can unlock the second stage of the builder base. This is part of the builder base; when you unlock the second stage, you can obtain new buildings freely and have the option to purchase additional buildings from the shop. It is important to consistently maintain and improve both stages of your Builder Base to succeed in Builder Battles.

You can place limited buildings on both bases and now that something is available for the second stage, you can only build in the second stage, such as a reinforcement camp.

Builder Base


  • The resources used in the builder base for building structures and updating troops also glod and elixir; you cannot use these resources between the main village and this mood.
  • Gems are collected in the builder base, and you can also share between both bases.
  • The main part of this mood is that you can collect troops by winning the battles. These are only for the builder base as it is separated from the village.
  • You can also upgrade the troops in the laboratory . It’s called the start laboratory.
  • By improving the Builder Barracks, you will gain access to additional types of soldiers for your battles.
  • You can use magic items such as books about heroes, books about builders and builders, and others.


  • This is a single-player mood.
  • Here, players attack each other at a time.
  • Players who get more stars will win the game. If the attack equals, then it is called a draw match.
  • There are daily base 3 attacks, and he gets rewards when Plavers wins 3 matches.
  • The most fun thing is that players are confident they will lose resources here.
  • In the main village, players have a shield, and nobody can attack when the shield is active, but in the builder base, there is no shield system.
  • All army types are available here, but there is no time limit to train an army.
  • In this mood, you also have heroes like the main village heroes. It is called a machine.
  • You have a clock tower on the builder’s base, which gives you free boost.

Builder Base Battles

Make sure to win the game and defend the base in the builder base.


When players attack the enemy base, they earn stars or do more damage than their enemy because two players attack their bases, as we discussed before.


Build a strong system in your base. For this, players need to build motors, cannons, and archer towers and also upgrade all these things.

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