What are Shields and the Village Guard?

Shields are like a strong wall that protects your village. They stop enemies from attacking your village when you’re not there. A shield keeps your town safe if your village gets attacked and loses things. This gives you time to rest and get back what you lost.

When you attack with your shield time, the shield doesn’t last as long. Every time you attack, some time is taken away from how long your shield can protect you. The more you attack with the shield on, the shorter the shield lasts each time. It starts with 3 hours being taken away and keeps getting shorter, up to 24 hours.

When you play the game and attack other players or seek revenge, your protection gets shorter. You won’t lose any protection time if you decide not to attack or cancel your plans. Protection time won’t decrease if you’re playing against computer goblins, in wars with your clan, or friendly battles.

How Do You Get a Shield?

In clash of clans two types of shield available

Automatic Shields

You’ll get a shield after you protect your village in a fight. To get this shield, you must damage the attacker’s village by at least 30%, even if you don’t win. Also, it would help if you used at least one-third of your army during the attack, including heroes. The length of the shield depends on how much damage your base gets.

Purchased Shields/Guard

Two Hour Guard_10 Gems
One Day Shield_100 Gems
Two Day Shiel_150 Gems
One Week Shield_250 Gems

If you’re not protected by a shield right now, you can get a two-hour guard. This extra time will be added to any guard time you already have. You can buy shields whenever you want, but you’ll have to wait before getting another. The time of each shield you buy will also be added to the time of any other shields you have. For example, if you have a week-long and two-day shield, the total time they protect you will be added together.

There’s a rule you need to know. If you’re an excellent player with more than 4700 trophies, hanging out in Titan I or the legendary Legend League, you won’t get that shield for a week.


Can You Remove the Shield?

Yep! If you need to take off the Shield or Guard in Clash of Clans, it’s simple. To take it off, touch the Shield or Guard symbol at the top of your screen, then choose Remove. When you remove the shield, your Village Guard will take over automatically. And if you later decide to remove the Guard, too, your village won’t have any protection.

Some About Personal Break

The Personal Break is a kind of protection in the game. It stops players from constantly staying on their devices to avoid being attacked by others. Here’s how it works: A timer starts for four hours when you log in and stops counting when you log out. This means you can take a break from worrying about attacks when you’re not playing, so everyone has a fair chance to play.

When the countdown ends, players can’t attack anymore and will be logged out for six minutes. This break lets others raid their village. But if their village is protected, like with a Shield or Guard, this break won’t happen.

If no one attacks during these six minutes, the player gets 15 more minutes to plan their attack. But if nobody attacks or the attack is weak, the player receives another six-minute break before they can be attacked again.

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